From the Rector

People who are wise never rest on their laurels; they are always aware that building for the future is the key to continued success or prosperity.

The diligent gardener surveys a garden resplendent with late-summer blooms and basks in the knowledge of a job well done, but they are already planning for next year, taking cuttings, growing seedlings on, envisaging new beds.

A successful football manager is only too aware that getting to the top is one thing; staying there is something else, and so he will be making sure his scouting team is busy searching out prospective purchases during the close season.

A singer whose album tops the charts knows that popularity can flee even more swiftly than it arrives in today’s fickle market, and so they will already be imagining the next release, mentally composing new songs on the go.

It’s much the same in the Church, and a prudent Diocese will be anxious to train and equip the parish clergy of the future.

So when the Truro Director of Ordinands asked me if I would be prepared to take on a new curate next summer, someone straight out of Training College, I was honoured and was ready to oblige.

In the summer of 2020, our Camelside Benefice will be welcoming Robin Thwaites as curate alongside Steve Williams, who has been part of the St Mabyn set-up for many years and who was ordained in 2018.

Robin is currently a theology student at Cuddesdon College just outside Oxford, in the second of a two-year course prior to ordination. Robin will be ordained deacon in early July 2020 and will then come to our group of churches to serve what is known as his title post.

Robin is enthused about the prospect of coming and sends this greeting:

‘I would just like to say how excited my family and I are to be coming and spending the next few years with you all.

Before discerning my vocation I worked in the private and charity sector as a home manager for children with challenging behaviours before setting up a home for unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

I also worked for Barnardo’s in their Pre-Departure Accommodation, working to provide intensive support for families who had failed their asylum application and were being returned to their country of origin. While this area of work was challenging I found my faith and love of all God’s children grow.

Joining me is my wife Emmy, my two sons Vaughn (10) and Eastern (8), and my daughter Meadow (6).'

Robin is coming principally to learn his trade. A curacy is akin to an apprenticeship. So initially we must all give him the space to watch, listen, learn and build relationships.

We look forward to his arrival and to working for him and with him. It’s part of the wise building for the future. 


David Seymour




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