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One of my favourite gifts from last Christmas is a little book entitled ‘Glimpses of Eden’. It is written by the author Jonathan Tulloch.

The writer lives in the north of England, in Yorkshire, has no car and goes everywhere on his bicycle or by public transport. The book is framed in short entries, each one dwelling upon some aspect of the beauty and miraculous wonder of God’s Creation, birds, animals, insects, butterflies, flowers, trees, rivers, winds and the changing seasons.

It’s a gem of a book and delights in the way that he describes sights and sounds with a poet’s touch, but it’s also a great challenge as we realise that huge responsibility we have as stewards of these priceless gifts.

The very first book of the Bible, Genesis begins with an account of the Creation of the world. It’s a beautiful and imaginative account of the origin of all things and time and again through the chapter comes the refrain ‘and God saw that it was good.’

The gifts of the natural world and of physical geography are essentially good and sacred. Christians believe that these things have the divine stamp upon them and that they are therefore precious, not just because they are beautiful but because they say something to us about the nature of God.

The issues of global warming, pollution by plastics, devastation of the rain forests and species decline are a constant reminder of the huge dangers of a flawed stewardship on the part of humankind.


This Lent (the season of Lent began on 26th February) we have prepared a Lent Calendar based on the call to reflect on the gift of Creation and the challenge to care for it.

As the introduction says: ‘Lent challenges us to turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ. Remember that human beings and earth are closely linked. Everyone and everything is part of the community of creation.’

In this Lent Calendar there are prayers, thoughts, actions and events to attend, and something to challenge us on each day of Lent, which lasts until the day before Easter, Holy Saturday, 11th April.

If you would like to join in this adventure through Lent with the beauty of Creation, you can receive the Calendar either by email or on hard copy. Simply contact me on 01208 850088 or at drrseymour@hotmail.co.uk and I will make sure you have the text.

There is so much around us that gives us ‘Glimpses of Eden’. It all demands our wonder and praise but it needs our care and responsible stewardship too.


David Seymour





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