From the Vicar

Before we moved here in late February, people kept saying to us ‘you’re moving at just the right time, the Cornish spring is wonderful’, and of course they are absolutely right.

There are many who will contend that, though Cornwall is spectacular at any time, it is in these spring weeks that its greatest glory is revealed. Though this area of North Cornwall is new to us, we have known other parts well and know this to be true.

In the weeks of April the lanes, hedgerows and steep-sided banks burst forth into a glorious palette of spring flowers, with primroses taking star billing with their exquisitely delicate pale yellow.

Suddenly the grim, cold days of winter appear a distant memory and fresh life surrounds us and offers us a hope that we had almost thought impossible. It is nature’s annual miracle.


 The women who went  to the tomb very early on the first day of the week on that first Easter morning were convinced that the chill winter of death had dashed all their hopes and that their journey with Jesus had come to an abrupt and cruel end, but they were about to be dazzled with the fresh hope of resurrection life.

The Lord met them with his message of life and light, ‘Do not be afraid.’

The feast of Easter, without question the jewel in the crown of Christian festivals proclaims a message of hope even in the midst of our darkest fears and the world’s deepest woes.

When we wrongly assume that darkness has beaten us, God still meets us in Jesus and tells us ‘I am going before you.’

As our beautiful county thrills us with its yearly wonder of new growth, we are reminded once more that the light is stronger than the darkness and the day will overcome the night.

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