Is there anything more exciting than an election? Yes, yes there is. Many things in fact but we can’t escape it I’m afraid.

We have had six weeks now of all the political parties telling us why we should or shouldn’t vote for them and on 4th July we will all take our photographic id to the polling station to cast our vote.

We may or may not have a new government by the time you are reading this and some of us may be happy with the result and others not so much.

Whatever happens, what is clear is that something needs to change as it can’t go on as it is. This change will affect everyone, some will benefit while others may be worse off. Each political party seem to promise change at the expense of someone else, with the beneficiaries being the ones most likely to vote for them in the first place.

So how do we know what to do and who to vote for? It is not wrong to look out for your own best interest and that of your family just as it is not wrong to look out for the interest of others possibly at your own expense or the expense of those in a similar situation as yourselves.

I do not have the answer, and when I don’t have the answer I look to what the boss says, and when I’ve heard what Emmy thinks I go to God! When Christ took the 613 laws and condensed them into an easy to remember campaign slogan of sorts.

He taught us to ‘love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves.’

He then backed up this easy to remember soundbite with his actions, putting himself at risk of persecution and ultimately his death in order to help those in need and questioning those in authority who were abusing their power and privilege.

At the 80th anniversary of D-Day we were reminded again about the teachings of Christ, that ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13)’.

When they fought for us on the beaches they fought for their country, their family and friends, for their families to come and their friends not yet known. We hold onto their sacrifice through remembrance days and every time we vote to keep or change our political leaders.

We have a choice to make things better and that is what they fought for. Whether we are left, centre, or right, Brexit or Remain, pro or anti-immigration, Heritage, Labour, Conservative and Unionist, LibDem, Reform, or Green.

What matters is that we use our voice that we have been given to hold those in power to account, to love our neighbours today and those who will come in the future as ourselves.      


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